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Installing Custom Solar Battery Charging Systems on Recreational Vehicles in the Denver Metro Area
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Replacement RV LED Lights - Denver
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Replacing the Incandescent Bulbs in your Recreational Vehicle will save an Enormous amount of Power!

Replacing those power hungry incandescent bulbs in your RV, camper, trailer, boat or 5th wheel with energy efficient 12 volt LED replacement bulbs will cut your dc lighting power requirements by as much as 90%!

For example a single incandescent bulb pulls about 1.5 amps dc per bulb per hour. An equivalent LED designed for RV use will use less than .2 amps dc per hour. 7.5 LED's will use the same amount of power as a single incandescent bulb.

What does this mean it terms of Battery? Lets say a small bumper pull travel trailer only has a single group 24 battery rated at 84 amp hours. At night four incandescent bulbs are used for 4 hours. During that four hours the incandescent bulbs consumed 24 amp hours from the battery. Knowing that only 50% of the capacity of the deep cycle battery power is usable, in four hours the 4 incandescent bulbs used up more that half of the group 24 batteries capacity. With out a means to re-charging this battery will never make it thru two nights of boon docking.

If this same trailer was running LED's it would have only used 3.2 dc amps. This is HUGE! Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED is the most effective way to reduce power consumption in a recreational vehicle.

You don't need to Replace your Existing Light Fixtures!

Replacement LED's are easy to install and there is no need to replace your existing lighting fixtures.

First you'll need to determine the type of bulb(s) that are in your RV. An example of each type is pictured to the right. Most RV's have wedge and or bayonet (BA15s base) incandescent bulbs. Halogen's are usually only found in the higher end Class A's or large 5th wheels.

Next install your replacement LED's by removing the fixtures lens cover remove the incandescent bulb and insert the LED. That's it!

All LED's are Not Created Equal!

There are two types of 12 Volt LED lights available. Automotive bulbs and LED that is specifically designed for RV use. Automotive LED is designed for cars or trucks where the voltage is constant because of the vehicles alternator.

In RV's voltage varies anywhere from 11+ volts to 14.4 or a little higher. Automotive LED was not designed for this type of voltage fluctuations found in the RV. The StarLight LED's that we offer were designed specifically for RV use. Each LED has built in voltage regulators, resistors, drivers and are backed by a three year warranty... something you won't find in automotive LED.

Early spring 2012 we began testing different LED's in our own 5th wheel trailers until October 2012. We purchased several automotive LED bulbs and ordered some Star Lights. What we found was the StarLight brand of RV specific LED out performed the automotive LED in terms of light quality and consistency of illumination, meaning when voltage was low the illumination was the same as if voltage was high.

StarLight RV LED Replacement Lights can be ordered on our sister site

RV Motion Lighting powered by LED

We all have motion lights on our house... but do you have one on your RV?

The Smart Light 1000 RV motion light with LED replaces the factory installed incandescent porch or entry light on your RV. The SmartLight 1000 is so smart it uses the same screw pattern found on most exterior lights and the existing wiring from the factory porch light, making it quick and easy to install. The Smart Light can also be used as continuous on (manual mode) or in auto mode.

Smart Light 1000 RV Motion LED LightWhen the Smart Light 1000 senses motion it will automatically illuminate the area for one minute. If no further movement is detected the Smart Light will turn off. If movement is still detected it will remain illuminated until one minute after movement stops.

The Smart Light 1000 comes with a powerful 200 lumen 6500 kelvin LED bulb. I have the Smart Light 1000™  on my 24 foot 5th wheel and it lights up the entire curb side of my trailer. The Revolution 1141-200 bayonet base bulb included with the SmartLight 1000 only uses .21 amps per hour. For those that like to leave their porch light on all night long you'll only burn 2.1 amps in ten hours. An incandescent bulb would have used 15 amps!

To learn more about the Smart Light 1000 LED Motion Light or to order visit our sister site 

Types of 12 Volt LED RV Replacement Light Bulbs

Webge Base RV LED Replacement Light Bulb
Wedge Base LED
Pictured above is a wedge base RV LED replacement bulb. They are available in 160 lumen and 250 lumens as well as a 220 lumen spot light.

RV Bayonet BA15s Base LED RV Replacement Bulb
Bayonet Base LED
Pictured above is a bayonet or BA15s base RV LED replacement light. These bulbs are available from 150 lumen to 300 lumen. Spot light (220 lumen) and Vanity (270 lumen)replacement lights are also available.

 G4 Halogen Replacement LED Bulb for RV
G4 Halogen LED
Pictured above is a G4 Halogen replacement LED. G4's are available in side pin or back pin in 160 lumens or 205 lumens.

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